Where I Am January 26 2023

In case anyone wonders where I’ve been, it’s been a difficult year. My mother, aged 97 just passed away this January 5, 2023, and I’ve been her caregiver for the last 8 years. It started with a stroke and then 3 more, they were all “recoverable”. This last year after receiving covid vaccinations, she developed dementia, and that put a new spin on things. Studio time fell away, save for hours between midnight and 4 AM from time to time, when she’d be sleeping. But I had to do some work, to keep balance, to keep a perspective. She fell and broke her femur a few months ago and was healing up well, walking again and scheduled to come home on the 28th of December 2022, from post-surgical rehabilitation (she’d had a titanium rod implanted and had to undergo physical therapy). But on the 23rd she suffered what the medical professionals called a “devastating stroke”. It took out her left arm, her ability to swallow. and to speak. In the hospital they took me aside to tell me she would not recover from this stroke. They saw some slight improvement so they kept her for a week, but at the end of that week, told me there was nothing more medically they could do, and that her care plan would be changed to “comfort care”. She came home and I spent every hour by her side, she lived for another week, hospice coming in and out, and I’ve written everything in a journal, which I hope to continue to do through the process of grieving, adjusting, and starting over. As soon as I can I will start posting new ideas and works again.


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