Paintings for Sale

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Note: Most of the paintings are framed, some are not, but can be framed before arrival or purchased unframed for a DIY.

1. Yoko and John– I did a series called “tv portraits”, which i found to be a good way to get an original take on well-known artists-I would photograph them off a regular tv screen, while in motion. there are the lines of interlacing that are stop-motioned in the photos. then i would use the photo as a guide to paint the portrait and include the interlacing, which imo gave a new kind of impressionism. These have been in exhibits and always received strong reactions. In fact, my Dylan tv portrait was called “a strong work” by well-known painter Sam Barber. This picture is framed as it shows here, but the frame needs replacement, one corner is loose. mixed media on paper.
2. Hendrix of the tv portrait series, this is acrylic on canvas, unframed, 23 x 23 800 (he’s just slightly cock-eyed)
3. Pallette Mandala Triptich – These are unframed, intended to be framed together as a triptych, 24 x 24 each. all three framed in tryptich (78 x 26 est). Acrylic and watercolor on paper.
4. Kavala -painted way back in 1970, while still in high school, an historic piece, chronicle of my trip to Greece in 1969. watercolor and india ink on paper, (it’s an antique!)
5. Picasso and Friends – 32 x 26 acrylic on paper unframed
6. Poneiros (“Wiseguy”-Greek) 15 x 15 framed. highly detailed photorealistic acrylic on paper
7. Self-portrait at the light table 30 x 24 mixed media on paper unframed
8. Stansifers House – diptych – part of a series focused on houses with shingles. acrylic/watercolor on paper 31 x 17 framed
9. Tree of Life – I did many variations on the tree of life, which I actually began doing in high school. This is the 15th in that series, painted circa 1995, watercolor and india ink on paper 19 x 24. framed
10. Avocados – acrylic on paper, 24 x 24, framed
11. #4 Looking In – 22 x 18 acrylic on paper, from the shingled houses series. (note: i have been in the habit of strolling the neighborhoods at dusk, because it’s a time just before people pull the shades down, and close their doors before nightfall, especially ub the summer,the inside lights are often on, and it is always fascinating to glimpse and observe – slice of life-inspired painting)framed
12. Seasons Mandala – acrylic/watercolor on paper 20 x 20, framed
13. Atomic Mandala – acrylic on paper, 22 x 22 unframed
14. Bittersweet with Titmouse 34 x 29 watercolor on paper, part of my birds ongoing series, framed
15. Marley & friends acrylic on paper – another of the tv portraits, unframed 24 x 24
16. Dylan – tv portrait 24 x 30 acrylic on paper, unframed
17. Seasons, Air, Earth & Water Mandalas, 20 x 20 and 24 x 24 respectively. Air, Earth and Water are a go-together series with Fire, but framed here w/o the borders, though the borders when added and framed will size the same as Fire Mandala (next) – acrylic and watercolor on paper, framed
18. Fire Mandala – 34 x 25 acrylic and watercolor on paper, framed with borders
19. Grackle on Beach Grass – acrylic/watercolor on paper, part of the bird series, framed SOLD
20. Nuthatch – on scrub pine – watercolor and ink on rough rice paper, part of the birds series, 750 framed