Mandalas have been an important theme spanning a lifetime, starting in the early 70’s at the Boston Museum School. I showed Mandalas I’d meticulously painted during my final review board prior to graduation at the Boston Museum School. I’d begun working with them in my second semester studying Asian Arts, history, ideas with Joan Lebold Cohen. Aside, I was very fortunate to have had the artist, who later became art dealer, Pat Hearn, on my review board that time. I remember she’d wide-eyed expressed that she didn’t know I was also a painter, having known my work in video, film, sound, performance, which was a focus in the last 4 semesters especially. I suppose if I’d gone to New York in the 80’s I’d have been a known entity of the Boston School, I knew them all and worked with most, and for reasons I can’t explain adequately here, I stayed in MA to live on Cape Cod.

      365 animated gifs, some of which you xan see here, were created as a challenge, my new year’s resolution of 2019: I will do a mandala-a-day for a full year and post them daily on twitter. It was a most expansive challenge to be able to accomplish given my overloaded schedule, having taken on the role of a caregiver these last few years. and also needing to focus on music, technology and design. I started with single images, digital drawings, and in a few weeks evolved into animated gifs, which after time I became more facile with doing. You can find all of them, scroll down a bit, at  tweets/tipotato


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