The increments of a schedule of steps, task-focused accomplishment of objective. Each event in a series of queued tasks can be both preparatory or precursory, all before knowing the full scope. The choices of direction, enhancement, attention to, vision, etc. determine whether one continues following a delineated path or departs toward a different destination, again, not fully known before the fact.

There are 3. different ways I understand Process in making art: 1. The art is the process. 2. The  process creates an event or object. 3. The process is regenerative, one door closes, another door opens. 

However, the entire stimulus of the process comes from where, or what? I couldn’t answer the question, and I had an issue earlier in my career, with becoming over-ridden in process. I perceived it as dry, intricate, but lifeless. To this day I always feel like process without heart removes the artist from the creation. And I also know, above that, removing the creator from the creation is also an art, maybe a science, but practically impossible:) and it is not necessary for good art to thrive sans ego, that would be asking for all color to drop away in a wide field with “purple mountain majesties” and “amber waves of grain”. (“America the Beautiful”-Katharine Lee Bates) Simply, the piece has a destination, one commits to it’s safe arrival.


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